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Does your credit need help? We should chat! I am able to successfully help clients improve their credit scores to be able to buy a home. I work one on one with the clients to get them in a position to buy or refiance a home.


Not sure what you can afford? Being able to afford what you are looking at buying is VERY important. I take the time to review the income coming in verses the debt going out. I have to make sure all clients can buy their home and live comfortably–we cannot have you eating mac and cheese every night–now if you want to, that is fine, we just need to make sure one can afford the necessities after buying the home they want


Do you need help selecting a Realtor to help sell your home or buy a home? I work with a great network of agents to be able to get you where you need to be.

Don’t see your question listed? Call or email me,  920-960-0852 or kweninger@fairwaymc.com

I’m here to help!!!!

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