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Thank you for all of your support and guidance over the last few months as we looked for a home!  You have been so patient and helped us through buying our first home.  We are so excited and the tool kit came in quite handy!  Thanks for the sweet card also. – Ryan & Lauren B.


We enjoyed this refinancing experience.  Clear, complete and prompt communications from start to close. Kris is wonderful to work with.  Thank you very much! – Brian F.

Thank you for everything. We are enjoying our first Christmas in our home. – Kristi, Joey & Jacob M.


Kris, thank you so much for all of your help with my mortgage loan.  I really appreciate your patience and assistance throughout the entire process. – Jennifer B.

We just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work in helping us buy our house.  It was so nice to work with someone that put so much care, concern and urgency into this huge step for us!  We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know in the future! – Jenna & Jimmy.


Kris, thank you so much for all of your help with my mortgage loan.  I really appreciate your patience and assistance throughout the entire process. – Jennifer B.


Thank you for your help and always being available for my questions! I really appreciate everything you have done for my family and I will definitely pass your business card on to my friends and coworkers who are looking for a lender!  – Dave S.


Thank you so much for all your help.  You seem to go over and beyond to help your clients.  You’re a really great person!  – Crystal & Chris


Dan and I want to thank you for your persistent effort in getting our refinance loan.  We think most loan officers would not have put the effort and time into making this happen.  We gave up a while ago.  We really never thought this would go through.  We just wanted to let you know that we appreciate all your hard work!  – Jean & Dan


Kris was a pleasure to deal with and worked with me to help me better understand the process. – Anonymous


We just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work in helping us buy our house.  It was so nice to work with someone that put so much care, concern and urgency into this huge step for us!  We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know in the future! – Jenna & Jimmy


I wanted to thank you for your post regarding a Deed Processing scam. When I received it I presumed it was a scam. I tried to get ahold of my realtor to verify but unfortunately she was on vacation. So, I started googling and came across your posting. The document you have posted is precisely the document I received. Thank you so much for caring about your customers enough to tell them about this. – Tracy G.


Kris is awesome!  Not only is she a great business woman, she is also very personable.  She knew I was going through a divorce and she offered very kind words of encouragement! – Anonymous


I would like to give Kris another huge Thank You! With her help I purchased my first home in June of 2011! I had tried many times and never got past the first step and the bankers who would take one look and send me on my way.  Kris NEVER talked down to me or made me feel lesser as a single mom. Kris worked with me thru each step, and with her help, I am a proud home owner! ALL BY MYSELF..No other income or man needed! – Julie B.H.


Kris is a great to work with. As a realtor, I know I can send my customers over to her and feel confident that she will provide them with exceptional service.  – Beverly E.


We got your card today and all we can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Words cannot even begin to express our appreciation for all the loving assistance you have given to this family.  That will help us to get even closer to the dream of making a house into a forever home!  We will gladly pass along your cards to any family, friends and associates that would be in need of your outstanding expertise!  You are welcome in our home anytime, just call whenever.  If you ever need anything please do not hestitate to ask.  Thanks for making a dream come true for us! – Jennie, Lance & Jaden


I am so very grateful to you for all the time you have spent on my behalf so that I can achieve my goal of building a new house here at my current home.  I was not sure that I would know where to start.  You have given me so much guidance and were a great help getting me to where I needed to be.  I am so grateful for you. Thank you! – Peggy D.


Thank you for all you did to get us to the closing table.  I admire your determination and truly appreciate the communication you put forth during the entire transaction.  It would be a pleasure to work with you again. – Tania B.


You have been a rock through so many closings…Some that I thought would not accommodate the buyers you were working with, but you assured me all was good and indeed it was… Thank you again for your excellent work. – Judy M.


We cannot even begin to thank you enough for all of your help!  You made our first time home buying process a piece of cake!  It was so nice working with you.  Thank you so much for all of your help.  Please keep in touch!! – Cody & Kayla W.


We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for all you have done for us!  We feel you are the reason this home buying experience went so smooth.  You can tell you love to help people by your day-to-day willingness to go above and beyond. Your genuine personality made us feel at ease during what would normally be a scary time for first time buyers. We will definitely be sharing our experience with you with our network.  Thanks again!  – Kristin T. & Wolfgang S.


Our new house is so wonderful and the neighbors are very nice.  Thank you for your hard work and sticking with us! – Carma, Joe, Keagan, Dylan and Jenah


Getting ready to spend our first Christmas in the home that you and your team worked hard to help us get.  Words can never thank you all.  Hope you and yours are as happy as we are and have a wonderful New Year!   – Bud & Mickey


Thank you for everything that you have done for us.  I know there were things you did behind the scenes that we didn’t know about so we want to thank you for making this as smooth of a process that it could be for us.  Thank you very much!! – Craig & Sarah


Thank you so much for making the refinancing of my house so easy and painless.  I’m thrilled to still own this house, and you made me feel like it was the right thing to do.  Thank you so much. – Adrienne


We just wanted to thank you for your time and commitment in helping us through purchasing our first home. You were very helpful in this process and took the time to go through numbers with us and made sure we understood everything along the way.  We also appreciated all the little things such as thank you cards, follow-up phone calls, movie gift cards and the tool set.  This came in handy during our move!  You went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations.  We appreciate everything you have done for us!  Thanks again for everything.  – Casey & Eric S.


I just wanted to thank you for all the time and energy you put into getting my dad’s house sold.  I know it turned into a big deal.  Thanks for everything you did! – Wendy S.


Thank you for all your hard work for us, and many thanks for your kindness! – Jason & Melissa


Thank you for all your helpful expertise and assistance with Mary purchasing a home.  You were just wonderful.  You are a very talented person and I have much admiration and respect for you.  Thank you so much for the lovely note, the kind words and the very useful gift certificate.  That certainly was not necessary but we deeply appreciate it.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. – Jerome & Ruthanne


Thank you so much for all your help!  As always you made things easy.  You will be my first choice if I ever have to do this again and I will recommend you to others.  Thank you and I wish you all the best! – G.W.


Thanks for all the goodies!  I think we’ll be doing many more transactions together cause I enjoy working with you! – Chris B.


We just wanted to thank you again for all your help.  You are just like an angel that God sent to us.  Thanks again! – Larry, Carolyn & Selena


We cannot express enough how much we appreciate all of your hard work.  You have, by far, exceeded all of our expectations!  You are living proof of angels among us.  Thank you! – Todd, Jackie and Tyson


Thank you so much for all your hard work. – Jerry & Brenda W.


Thank you for everything you have done for us.  The first time around you made sure we were able to get this house.  Now, you helped us get ahead for the first time in our marriage.  We are going to be able to have a decent savings account for the first time.  And you gave us the chance to do what we need to do with the baby coming.  It was perfect timing for this!  We really appreciate all that you have done.  Thank you again! – Mike, Michelle and Mason K.


Thanks again for everything you did to help me and Jeff out! – JoAnn &  Jeff


I just want to say a big “Thank You!” for all the hard work you put in while helping me get a loan for my first home.  Your service was nothing short of outstanding.  I will happily recommend you to any of my friends/relatives that are looking to purchase or refinance a home, and I will be sure to contact you in the future when it’s time for me to do the same.  Thank you! – Matt F.


I have never had such a pleasant experience with a mortgage refinance in my life.  Everything was explained.  There was follow through and I was kept up to date.  I have nothing but good things to say about the experience. I especially liked the convenience of doing all the paperwork at my house.  I didn’t have to take time off of work.  You do a lot of traveling and you put a lot of time into making sure your customers are satisfied.  It was a pleasure meeting you.  – Linda S.


We would like to personally thank you for your personal touch in a professional manner the way you and your company treated and dealt with us during our recent purchases.  It may be an everyday event for you, but it is something we do not deal with every day and you personally made us feel at ease at all times.  You were always there to answer all of our questions, redundant or trivial, with a smile on your face.  We were surprised how quick it did happen, and by doing so we were able to spend Labor Day weekend with our kids up north in the new place.  We feel you went out of your way several times, especially the day you drove all the way to Oconto just because we would feel more comfortable with you there and you did so without reservation.  We appreciate all of this, and once again we thank you and we appreciate all that you have done. We will have no problem passing along your name to other acquaintances.  Thanks again! – Alan & Krin R.


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