Success Stories

Happy Customers!

Congrats to Cale & Stephanie of Beaver Dam!! I’m so excited to see you in your first home! I wish you all the best, thank you for letting me help you with your purchase, you were a great couple to work with.



Federal VA Loan!

Congrats to Kris & James of Fox Lake! They used the Federal VA loan to purchase a home of their own!! I wish you the best of luck in your new home!



First Time Homeowners!

Congrats to Mike & Jessi of Oak Creek! They bought their first home in Milwaukee. Welcome to home ownership, I’m very happy for you both!



Welcome, New Homeowners!

Waupun welcomes their newest home owners, Josh & Rachel! Congratulations to you both, and best of luck in your new home. I enjoyed working with you both! Wishing you all the best!




Congratulations to Andrew & Stacie of Iron Ridge! The Leroy/Lomira area welcomes you to your new home!



New Year, New Home!

Congrats to Nate from Waupun. He is the proud owner of a new home! Thanks Kari for doing a great job as his agent! Pictured is me, Nate, and Kari Pattee.



Welcome to Wisconsin!

Welcome to Wisconsin, Cliff and Summer!  This couple was living out west when Cliff accepted a job transfer to Wisconsin.  We had to do everything online and on the phone to get them their house.  When they finally moved their family to Wisconsin, they arrived in town the night before and by 10:30 the next morning they owned a home!!


Success Story!

Congrats to Mike from Hustiford!  Beaver Dam has a new resident in town.  We are very happy for Mike and wish him well in his new home!!



New Homeowner!

Congrats to Don from Horicon on his new home!! Juneau has a new member of the community.  Very happy for you!



First Time Buyer Success!

Congrats to Ryan & Lauren of Waukesha!  They bought their first home.  I’m very happy for you two!!



Happy Family!

Congrats to Dave & Maria!  They successfully sold their home in Racine and bought a great home in Oak Creek!!



Happy Homeowner!

Congrats to Amy of Kewaskum!   I’m so happy for you–enjoy your new home!


Bought a Condo!

A big Congratulations to Jennifer of Juneau!  She bought a new condo in Mayville! Very happy for you and wishing you the best in your new place!



Sell a Home, Buy a Home!

Congrats to Dan & Sara of Waupun! They successfully sold a home AND bought a great home in the Waupun area!  Quite the accomplishment, wishing you two the best in your new place!

Brand New Home Owner!

Congrats to Brandon of Elkhorn.  He bought is his first home in Walworth.  Wishing you and your family all the best!

First Time Home Owner!

Congratulations to Kari!! She bought her first home in Juneau. Wishing you and your family lots of happiness!

First Home!

Congratulations to Patrick and Courtney from Rhinelander!  They bought their first home in Beaver Dam!  Wishing you both many years of happiness in your new place!



First Time Home Owners!

A Big Congrats to Trent & Kendra.  I hope you enjoy your first home in Beaver Dam!!



New Home Owner!

Congrats to Scott of Theresa! He bought his first home in Horicon recently!  Wishing you many happy memories in your new home, Scott!



Success Story – Geoff & Jenna

Congrats to Geoff & Jenna of Hustiford!!  They bought a great home in Rural Dodge County!!  Wishing you many happy memories in your new house!


Success Story – Bruce & Cheryl

Congrats to Bruce & Cheryl of Antigo!  Juneau welcomes their newest home owner!! Enjoy your new house!



My Newest Home Owners!

Congrats to Grant & Daysha!!  Hartford welcomes the newest home owners to town!!   Wishing you two all the best in your new place!


Success Story – Tracy & Darien!

Congrats to Tracy & Darien of Columbus!!  They bought a great home in the Columbus area.  Enjoy your new place!

New Home, New Memories!

Congrats to Kristi of Beaver Dam!!  She and her two boys are the proud owner of a new home in Beaver Dam! Wishing your family all the best in your new place!


New Home Owners!

Congrats to Mike & Sabrina from Waupun! They are the proud owners of a new home! I enjoyed working with you and your family!


Success Story!

Congrats to Tiffany from Reeseville! She bought her first home in Beaver Dam!! Enjoy your home..I’m so happy for you!







Worth the Wait!

Congrats to Dawn & Sophia!! They bought a home in Beaver Dam. I’ve been working with Dawn for 3 years and she found the perfect home and the timing was right!! I love it when it all works out!







Success Story – Happy Family!

Congratulations to Nicole, Brian & little Dexter of Horicon!  They bought their first home in the Horicon area.  They were a pleasure to work with.  I’m so happy for your family!  Enjoy your new home!



Federal VA Loan Success Story

Forrest & Nicole bought their first home using the Federal VA Loan.  This is a great program for Vets to use…a great way to say “Thank You” for all the work they do for our country!  I loved working with Forrest, Nicole and cute little Dakota!  Congratulations on your new home, guys!

Success Story – Brian & Heather!

Congrats to Heather & Brian of Markesan!  They are the proud owners of a home in Beaver Dam!  I really loved working with this great couple.  I’m so happy for the both of you!!


Success Story – Jason & Jamie!

Beaver Dam is a great place to move, just ask Jason & Jamie!  They bought a home in the Beaver Dam area!  Congrats to the both of you.  Wishing you all the best!

Heartwarming Family Opportunity Loan Success Story!

 I recently had the chance to work with a young man and get him the perfect condo.  He was in a bad accident that left him paralyzed and had to leave his full time job to attend a rehabilitation center out of state.  While he was in rehabilitation, he could no longer rent the apartment he was currently in, nor could he remodel it to accommodate wheelchair accessible features.   His father contacted me to talk about their options, and I suggested the Family Opportunity loan program.  By using this program, his father co-signed and I was able to get him a fixed rate loan.  I talked with his father through the whole process, found a condo that was perfect for him and his needs, and even did the closing out of state.  All communication was done via phone and internet.  The Family Opportunity loan allows you to get into a home with a limited amount down, you just need a family member with good credit and income to co-sign.  Condos have harder guidelines to adhere to, and are not easy getting into these days, but we made it happen!  He was able to finish his rehab, move back to Wisconsin and go back to his full time job.

First Time Homebuyer!

Congratulations to Eric from Germantown!  Eric picked up a great deal on a foreclosure in Hubertus.  He travels for work a lot, so I made time to meet up with him during the times he had off to make sure I could work with him face to face.  Together we came up with a great plan that met his needs and goals. Congrats, Eric!

Another USDA/Rural Development Success!

Congratulations to Patti from Hustisford!  Patti bought a great home in Horicon.  I worked with her to review all the loan programs and found the best one for her needs, the USDA/Rural Development loan.  A big thank you to Brenda Bruyette from Coldwell Banker, Patti’s real estate agent.  Brenda did a terrific job!  You can check out her website here.

Success Story with Conventional Financing!

Congratulations to David from New Berlin!  David purchased a great home in Oconomowoc using conventional financing.  His real estate agent, Dianne Bell from Preferred Realty Group, is pictured with him.  Dianne was such a great help finding David a wonderful home in the perfect location.  Congratulations David!

Bought Their First Condo!

Congratulations to Chris & Becky from Mayville!  This couple bought their first condo in Mayville using conventional financing.  I loved working with these two and couldn’t be happier for them!  On top of owning their own condo, they will also welcome their first child in the next few weeks – Congratulations guys!!!

USDA/Rural Development Program Success Story!

Congratulations to Diann from Mayville!  Diann bought the perfect home in a great location using the Rural Development/USDA loan program.  We took the time to review her budget and came up with a plan that would allow her to own a home, live comfortably, and pay it off in a timely fashion.  This is what it is all about!  Did you know that USDA Rural Development funds can be used to build, repair, renovate or relocate a home?  It can also be used to purchase and prepare sites, including providing water and sewage facilities!  If you want more information about the Rural Development/USDA loan program, click here.


Buy a Home Online!

 I never actually met Jason from Rhode Island in person, but that didn’t stop us from accomplishing his goal of relocating to Madison.  Jason travels a lot for his work, so he needed to feel comfortable working with someone entirely over the phone and online.  We even did the purchase online and he closed in Alabama, and everything went as smooth as could be.  It just goes to show that regardless of time constraints, distance and time zone differences, I was able to help a person achieve their goal of homeownership in a very small amount of time.  Congratulations to Jason, I truly enjoyed working with you!

Sell a Home to Buy a Home!

Sell a home and buy a new home!! Yes, it can be done in this Real Estate Market!  A big “Congrats” to Tony & Stephanie on the purchase of their new home in Beaver Dam!  They where successful in selling their home and were able to buy a new home.


Conventional Loan Program Success Story!

Congratulations to Matt & Kari from Hartford!  They just purchased their first home and got a great deal on a foreclosure using a Conventional loan.  Wishing you and your new family all the best on this next journey!


First Time Home Buyers Success Story!

Congratulations to James and Christine of Horicon!  They just purchased their first house in Watertown using the one time PMI option on a Conventional Loan Program.  This is a great option because it allowed them to not have to pay a monthly PMI.  They definitely got the best use out of their mortgage dollar!  I wish you two many happy memories in your new home!




Sold a Home, Bought a New One!

Congrats to Pete and Erica of West Bend! They successfully sold a home in West Bend and bought a new home!!


USDA/Rural Development Loan Helps Out Another Client Buy A Home!!

Congrats to Ryan of Pardeeville! He bought his 1st home using the Rural Development/USDA loan. I love this program!! Ryan I’m very happy be able to help you achieve your dream of owning a home!

USDA/Rural Development Loan Helps Out Another Client!

I was so happy for Dawn of Germantown, she successfully bought a home in the Hartford area! The USDA/Rural Development loan program is a great program. Dawn owned a home in the past…. with this program it did not matter, she fit all the guidelines! I love it when I can successfully help out clients finance a home they want! I love it!


 Sell a home and buy a new home! Yes, you can in today’s market!

Congrats to Rob and Heather of West Bend. They successfully sold a home in West Bend and bought another home! YES…it can be done in this market today. We worked on a plan to see what they would net on the sale of their home and used the proceeds to buy another home. In fact, we were able to do the 1xPMI program….this is where you pay PMI 1x and have no monthly PMI payments. This allows the borrower to keep the monthly payments lower AND no worries about having to refi in the future to REMOVE the monthly PMI because…there is no monthly PMI. If you have monthly PMI…and refi to have it removed, are are subject to the current market rates, losing out on the great low rates of today. This is a great way to make the best use of your mortgage dollar! I love it!

 Rural Development helps out another client buy a home!

Congrats to Jacob and Natosha of Beaver Dam. They bought their first home using the Rural Development Loan Program! I love this program…30 year fixed rate and No Money Down Required!



 Mike & Christine proud owners of a new home!

Congrats to Mike & Christine of Slinger. We used the 1x PMI option and got a conventional loan and locked into a low fixed rate! The 1xPMI option is nice, this allows one to NOT have to pay PMI monthly…keeping ones monthly payment low! I love it!



Success Story! USDA helps out another buyer get into a home!

Congrats to Jeff and Mary of Allenton. We worked together and came up with a good plan to buy a home in Horicon. In using the USDA/Rural Development program, Jeff and Mary were able to buy a home!! Best Wishes to you both!!



Federal VA Home Loan helps out another Veteran buy a home!!!

Congrats to Shari of Saukeville! We used the Federal VA home loan to help her purchase a home in West Bend! Congrats Shari, you deserve it!


Success Story!! You can own your own business and a home!

Congrats to Julie of Beaver Dam! Julie and I worked to together for over 3 years and I’m so happy to say she is a proud owner of a new home! Julie owns her own business and we made sure we had everything in place for her budget for her to buy a home! Congtats Julie, you worked hard for your home, you deserve it!



Rural Development/USDA helps out another client!

Congrats to Heidi of Waupun. Heidi successfully bought a home in Waupun. We went through her budget and spent a lot of time reviewing her income to make sure her budget will allow a house payment and everything else that goes into owning a home! I love what I do! Congrats to Heidi–you worked hard for this!

Success Story–Congrats to Mike & Jessie!

Congrats to Mike & Jessie of Beaver Dam! The successfully sold a home and bought a new home! I love helping clients out. It is nice to see in this market you can sell your home AND buy a new home! I love it!



Success Story: Federal VA Loan helps out another client!

Congrats to Nate & Monica of Cottage Grove! They successfully sold a home and bought a new home using the Federal VA home loan! I love it! Congrats to you both!



USDA/Rural Development helps out another buyer!!

Congrats to Cris from Beaver Dam. Cris found the perfect starter home for himself-the USDA Rural development program is a perfect fit–30 year fixed rate, no monthly PMI and no down payment needed! I love helping clients out, it is great to see them get into a home they love!!


FHA Rehab loan helps out another buyer!

Mark & Tina from Watertown, WI, found the perfect home for them BUT it needed some TLC–the home was a foreclosure. Seeing potential in the home, Mark, Tina and I took the time and reviewed all the programs that would fit their needs. We decided to go with the FHA 203K Rehab loan-this is a great program, it allowed Mark & Tina to not only buy the home, it allowed them to finance the cost of the rehab. This is one loan, 30 year fixed rate-a great program to get the home you WANT and also the updates you need!!




Rural Development/USDA loan helps out another client!

Congrats to Suzie and her 2 children from Fall River! They bought their first home in Columbus using the Rural Development/USDA loan program. This is a great program for First Time Home Buyers and for clients who are selling their current home and may lack the funds for a down payment for another home. It is a very good day when we can get a client gets into their first home! Congrats Suzie!



 FHA Success Story!

Congrats to Brent and Shannon of Randolph who bought a home in Fox Lake using FHA financing. I enjoyed working with Brent and Shannon. Over the last few months we worked on a few different homes and this home in Fox Lake is the perfect fit for them. By taking the time to review all of the different types of loan programs that are out there for buyers, we picked FHA as the best option! I love what I do!! Lots of happiness to Brent and Shannon!!


 Success Story-Homepath a Great Program!!!

Congrats to Darrly & Kim from Milwaukee! They bought their first home in Greenfield using the Homepath Program. This is a 30 year fixed rate loan, NO PMI with less than 20% down payment. I enjoy helping people out and seeing them accomplish their dream of owning a home!!


Success Story! Congrats to Jerry & Marissa!

I’m so happy for Jerry and Marissa from Milwaukee. We worked together to come up with a good plan using FHA financing and now they are the happy owners of a new home in Jackson!! I love what I do and it is the best feeling when clients are able to get into their first home!! Congrats!!


Success Story-USDA Helps First Time Home Buyers!

Congrats to Ben & Gina of Mequon! I love that the PMI options are opening up to new possibilities for my clients! We looked over Ben & Gina’s goals of owning a home. After further review,we decided that if they paid a 1x premium for PMI, then they will NOT have to pay monthly PMI. This ended up saving them a lot of $$$. By taking the time to review ALL of their options-we made the best use of their mortgage dollar. They are set in a low 30 year fixed rate and now they will not have to worry about getting rid of the PMI! I love it!!

Success Story-5% Down Payment and no Monthly PMI!

Congrats to Ben & Alicia of Beaver Dam. They are the proud owners of a new home in Beaver Dam. We worked together and came up with a great plan to use the Rural Development/USDA program to get Ben and Alicia into their first home! I love helping people out!