Success Story: Stephanie & Cale

Congrats to Cale & Stephanie of Beaver Dam!! I’m so excited to see you in your first home!  I wish you all the best, thank you for letting me help you with your purchase, you were a great couple to work with.

New Signs!

My new signs are in AND I get to use them right away!  Just closed on another home!!!

Read All About It: Be Picky about Trusting Online Info

In the good old days, if you read it, you could believe it. Sources were checked, facts were verified, and anything appearing in print was more than likely true. But that was before the Wild West days of the Internet. Today, anyone with an opinion – no matter how ill-founded […]

The Benefits and Challenges of 15-Year Mortgages

Acquiring a 15-year mortgage, as compared to the traditional 30-year variety, has both benefits and challenges. Take this imaginary $100,000 loan as an example: For the 30-year loan, we’ll assume a rate of 5.00 percent; the monthly payment, excluding taxes and insurance would be $536.82. Because the rates for 15-year mortgages […]

A Home of Their Own for Students, Thanks to Mom and Dad

  With the school year wrapping up, new college students and their parents are beginning to discuss off-campus housing. So now’s the perfect time to consider the FHA’s non-occupant co-borrow program – also known as the Kiddie Condo program. Kiddie Condo Program This program allows a student and his or […]

Buying vs. Renting

Even in the face of rising home prices in many areas and increasing mortgage rates, it’s still an amazing time to be purchasing a home. This is never more true than for the first-time home buyer. If you’re in the “first-time home buyer club”, you may be conflicted over whether […]

Soon, You Too Can Own the Smartest Home on the Block

  Thanks to our high-tech society, our homes may soon be smarter than we are. Technology is already connecting our smartphones to appliances and programming robotic butlers to do routine household chores. Besides making household tasks easier, many “smart” home innovations also make our homes safer and more energy efficient. […]

Think Like a Lender: It's a Critical First Step

  Most people know that discussing options with a mortgage professional is an important step to finding out how much house you can afford to buy. However, few realize that understanding what lenders look for is also critical to the home-buying process. First, you need to calculate your current debt […]

Now's a Good Time to Think About Buying a Home

  After last year’s surge, housing prices are leveling off in some areas as the real estate market cools. And sellers are motivated. Their homes may have been on the market since late winter or early spring. Anxious to sell their properties, they now may be prepared to consider lower […]

Turns Out Nice People Are Good at Small Talk, Too

  For many, the thought of making small talk with strangers scares them silly. According to Gretchen Rubin in a LinkedIn post, “Small talk can be a big problem.” Indeed, some people are so terrified at the prospect of keeping the verbal ball in play, they’d rather stay home. Never […]