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Stay On Track During the Mortgage Process

The home finance process today is more involved than it has ever been. Your willingness to provide your lender with the documentation that’s needed to keep the process moving is critical to reaching your closing date on time. For the most part, mortgages are sold off by the lenders once they close. They also go […]

Begin with the End in Mind

My most recent article, Begin with the End in Mind, can be found in September’s issue of InSpire Magazine: At the end of your life, will you reflect back on a life full of regrets?  This question can tear deep into our souls.  I encourage you to take time to stop and think.  It may […]

Qualify For Your Mortgage With These Income Sources

  In qualifying for a mortgage, there are several sources of income you are able to use. But note: Regardless of the source, you will need documentation indicating either that you’ve received this income for two years, or that you expect to receive it for the next three years or more. In addition to the […]

The Benefits and Challenges of 15-Year Mortgages

Acquiring a 15-year mortgage, as compared to the traditional 30-year variety, has both benefits and challenges. Take this imaginary $100,000 loan as an example: For the 30-year loan, we’ll assume a rate of 5.00 percent; the monthly payment, excluding taxes and insurance would be $536.82. Because the rates for 15-year mortgages are typically lower, we’ll use […]

Think Like a Lender: It's a Critical First Step

  Most people know that discussing options with a mortgage professional is an important step to finding out how much house you can afford to buy. However, few realize that understanding what lenders look for is also critical to the home-buying process. First, you need to calculate your current debt load and your price range. […]

Make Yours a Welcome Housewarming Gift

Pity the new homeowner; he or she has just received yet another package of gift soaps. Or a third box of department store candies. Don’t make this mistake. You can distinguish yourself as a thoughtful guest by bringing new homeowners something different: An item they’ll like … and need. OK, money isn’t particularly different, but […]

Preparing Your House for the Market

When getting ready to sell your home, it’s crucial to amp up your property’s “curb appeal.”  You only have one shot at a good first impression, and you want buyers jumping at the chance to buy your home!  Making a small investment by cleaning up the outward appearance of your home will most likely increase […]

Should You Consider Buying-Down Your Mortgage Rate?

In the home financing process, there are different ways to buy-down your mortgage rate. One is for the short term, when your payments decrease for a certain number of months or years, and then return to the previous amount. The other option is a permanent buy-down, which will affect the rate for the entire term […]

Be Your Child's Money Management Model

Many of us feel out of our depth when it comes to teaching our kids about money. Maybe they get an allowance and are saving towards the purchase of a new bike, so in a way they are learning money management skills. But isn’t there more we should be doing? As small business owners, we’re […]

3 Tips for a Winter-Proof Home

If there’s one thing I hate about winter, it’s having a cold house.  Luckily there are three simple things that can make your house winter-proof while also giving off a warm and cozy feeling. 1. Add Rugs & Fabric This is kind of a no-brainer.  Adding blankets, pillows, rugs and thick curtains will amp up […]


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