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Begin with the End in Mind

My most recent article, Begin with the End in Mind, can be found in September’s issue of InSpire Magazine:

At the end of your life, will you reflect back on a life full of regrets?  This question can tear deep into our souls.  I encourage you to take time to stop and think.  It may bring up many new questions and can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed.  This overwhelming feeling may lead to procrastination, which in turn can lead to results that are not usually positive.  When approaching any big task, it’s best to break it down in small steps.  Here’s my best tip; begin with the end in mind.  You man not know how many days you have left on this earth, but you can still plan, or at least try to plan, the best life you were made to enjoy.

Live your life like you are sailing

Set sail to where you want to go.  If you do not set your sail, how can you know where you will end up?  You may be trying to reach Hawaii but end up in Japan!  The waters will be rough at times, but you’ll get through it fi you take inventory of your equipment and its health, invest in good tools, charter the course and plan for emergencies.  You are the captain of your ship!  I encourage you to:

Take inventory of your equipment

How is your health?  How about your family’s health?  How is your financial health now and for the future?

Invest in your tools

Is your schooling taking you to where you want to go?  Increasing your knowledge to help out with your career path or personal growth is a huge for your future achievement.  Invest in yourself!

Charter your journey

Where do you want to be in five years?  How about 10 years?  What do you want your retirement to look like?

Plan for emergencies

How is your emergency fund account?  Do you have enough insurance coverage?  Do you have your will and healthcare power of attorney set up?  Take one item at a time and create a “to-do” list with a deadline to complete each task.

Some other questions you may want to explore include: Where do you want to end up in your later years of life?  How long will you want to work for?  Can you still afford the house payment or rent where you want to live?  What do you want your lifestyle to look like?

There is nothing worse than seeing someone at 60 or 70 years old having to work because they can’t afford not to.  Plan ahead and you may avoid a less than ideal situation later in life.  Take the time to sit down with yourself or loved one to work on future plans.  Begin with the end in mind and work backwards.  Our choices lead us to where we want to be.  If you are not where you want to be, don’t be discouraged.  Make plans to make it better!

Seek out the advice of professionals such as financial planners, accountants and bankers.  You can even get your close family involved in the process.

I hope you set your sail in the right direction, have smooth waters along the way, and lie a life with no regrets!

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