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Month: March 2014

A Rehab Mortgage Can Be an All Around Win-Win

With warmer weather on the way and lots of properties still available for purchase (especially those in need of some TLC), the FHA 203K rehab mortgage is something you may want to consider. The 203K program will allow you to purchase a home and borrow the money to make improvements to it in one mortgage. […]

Thieves and Spies Can't Hide from Facebook or LinkedIn

Make-believe can be a charming children’s game, but a job applicant pretending to be someone else is bad news for your business. Small businesses, who have a lot to lose, have had to become very sophisticated and Internet-savvy when hiring.  Verifying an applicant’s identity is a vital first step. Thieves masquerading as employees are a […]

Investment Property Financing Needs a Different Mindset

If you are looking to purchase and finance an investment property, here’s what to expect: In order to qualify as a residential real estate transaction under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), an investment property must be four units or less, and it must be sold to an individual rather than a company. Conventional […]

Preparing Your House for the Market

When getting ready to sell your home, it’s crucial to amp up your property’s “curb appeal.”  You only have one shot at a good first impression, and you want buyers jumping at the chance to buy your home!  Making a small investment by cleaning up the outward appearance of your home will most likely increase […]

An Appraisal May Make or Break Your Deal

An appraisal is an important part of any home purchase. This is an evaluation, ordered by lenders, that tells us exactly what our money is going towards; because we focus on the actual value of your property, appraisals are different than home inspections. An inspection looks deeply into the condition of a property, but is […]

Should You Consider Buying-Down Your Mortgage Rate?

In the home financing process, there are different ways to buy-down your mortgage rate. One is for the short term, when your payments decrease for a certain number of months or years, and then return to the previous amount. The other option is a permanent buy-down, which will affect the rate for the entire term […]

RESPA and Its Impact on the Mortgage Process

While the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) has had a significant hand in the real estate transaction process, it’s just as embedded in the mortgage process. Since 2010, when major revisions were implemented, it has changed the way in which mortgage operations are conducted, as well as what may or may not happen in […]

Ready to Buy a Home? Start With These Key Steps

Buying a home is a very exciting time for anyone.  You might be confused as to how to get started and what the first step is. Follow these first steps to obtain pre-approval for a loan and you’ll be on the right track. Step 1: Identify Your Needs and Wants Begin your search by considering […]

What You Should Know About Appraisals

Appraisals have been, and continue to be, game changers in real estate transactions. So it’s important to do your research upfront, before you put in an offer on a property. Bear in mind that appraisers, who are making significantly less money per appraisal than they did pre-meltdown, probably won’t go out of their way for […]


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