Monthly Archives: September 2013

Considerations When Buying a Townhome or Condo

With the large number of properties that are still available at reduced prices these days, townhomes and condominiums represent excellent purchasing options:  they often offer low-maintenance living and community facilities that would usually be unavailable in single-family homes. When considering purchasing a townhome, keep in mind that there can be […]

Deciding Between FHA & Conventional Financing

There are basically two main routes that are commonly used these days when looking for financing for home purchases:  FHA and Conventional.  Here is a brief primer of how both work. FHA Financing FHA is getting more popular these days as credit guidelines become more stringent and cash-strapped borrowers look for […]

Watertown Homes No Longer Eligible for USDA Financing

As of October 1, 2013, homes in Watertown will no longer be eligible for USDA Rural Development financing. With the new census that was done, the city of Watertown was found to be over the 20,000 population maximum for the USDA loan.  Please look at the map below for details on […]