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Month: July 2013

Your Dog May Be Smarter Than You Are

After watching yet another pet trick on YouTube, you might think the dog population is divided into dumb dogs (yours) and smart dogs (theirs); but according to Brian Hare, associate anthropology professor and founder of the Canine Cognition Center at Duke University, you’d be wrong.  Hare believes all dogs are geniuses in their own way. […]

Title Companies Play a Key Role in Buy/Sell Process

  We know that a title company is the place we go to sign documents when we purchase, sell or refinance our property; but what exactly does that title company do? In fact, title companies serve several purposes that are important to purchase transactions.  Firstly, they provide a place to settle as well as to […]

One Billion "Things" are Transforming the Internet

It’s not quite the Matrix as portrayed in the sci-fi flick, but it’s still a matrix of sorts.  It’s the Internet, and it’s growing – not just from additional human users, but from the very machines we thought we controlled. Where before, Internet growth came from our mobile devices, people are no longer the primary […]

Make it Easy for Your Lender – It Pays Off!

The mortgage process is infinitely more complex than it was even five or ten years ago.  The level of documentation that is now required, and the scrutiny that the documentation undergoes, is staggering, and rightly so, as mortgage fraud is rampant, despite industry efforts to combat it. Respond Quickly to Requests The best thing you […]

Stranger Proofing Works: Just Ask this 10-Year-Old

It was many parents’ worst nightmare.  But it proved conclusively to these parents and others that “stranger-proofing” your child is so very worth it. Some months back, a 10-year-old Canadian girl was approached at her elementary school by a man in a vehicle.  The man explained he’d been sent by the girl’s mother to pick […]

Plan Ahead for the Added Costs in the Mortgage Process

There are several different fees that buyers incur in financing their new homes; some of these go directly to the lender, others go to third parties involved in the transaction. First time buyers, in particular, may not be aware of these additional costs.  Be prepared: Here are some fees you should know about before beginning […]

Are We Cutting the Cord on Traditional TV?

In an age of constant connection – through streaming, smartphones, the Internet and tablets – the ability to watch the shows we want, when we want, is literally at our fingertips.  So in this age of endless possibilities, have we cut the cord on traditional television? Could be.  More than five million homes in the […]

It Pays to Understand Your Real Estate Contract

While every home buyer should have a real estate attorney working with them during their purchase transaction, they should also have a basic understanding themselves of what a real estate contract does and how it works. Contract Protects Both Parties A real estate contract details such information as the price, the date of closing, and […]

Protect Your Most Important Investment with Flood Insurance

With flooding becoming more common in our ever-changing climate, you may be thinking about flood insurance.  The main thing for you to keep in mind – especially if you have a basement – is that most standard property insurance policies won’t cover flood damage to your home.  You will need special flood insurance.  If you […]


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