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11 Discounts for Homeowner's Insurance

Mortgage payments are expensive enough, why pay more than you have to on homeowner’s insurance?  I’ve provided a list of discounts that companies offer if you home qualifies.  You may be surprised what you’re missing out on!

  1. Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, sprinkler system , heat detectors and fire escape.
  2. Gated communities (lower risk of crimes such as theft and vandalism).
  3. Being of retirement age.
  4. Having a security system installed.
  5. Filing a home insurance claim (if you haven’t in the past 10 years).
  6. Bundling insurance policies.
  7. Having a Class 4 roof.
  8. New pipes and wiring.
  9. Safety measurements such as handrails along staircases and gated in yards and pools.
  10. Recently remodeled house.
  11. Raising your deductible.

Remember that agencies vary greatly on the products and prices they offer, so shop around for the best quote!

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