Monthly Archives: March 2013

Success Story: USDA/Rural Development

                    Congratulations to Patti from Hustisford!  Patti bought a great home in Horicon.  I worked with her to review all the loan programs and found the best one for her needs, the USDA/Rural Development loan.  A big thank you to Brenda Bruyette from Coldwell Banker, Patti’s real […]

Kris Recommends: Vineyard Books, Gifts & Coffee in Beaver Dam

                If you’re looking for a delicious, hot cup of coffee or the perfect book to read, I highly recommend checking out Vineyard Books & Gifts in Beaver Dam.  The Vineyard specializes in coffee drinks and has a lot to offer its customers.  This […]

What Buyers Need to Know About Sellers Today

Nearly 3 out of every 10 homeowners are underwater with their mortgages today, according to recent report found on Zillow.  A lot of sellers have been stuck at their current residence just waiting and hoping for home values to increase so they can leave.  This spring is definitely a sellers’ […]

How to Buy the Home You Really Want During the Housing Shortage

It’s no secret that home values are starting to increase as we start off the year 2013.  In addition to the raising values, it appears that a shortage of homes on the market is upon us just before the spring selling season.   The amount of people wanting to purchase a […]

Friday Fun Facts

Did you know…. A sneeze travels out of your mouth at over 100 mph. Alaska has over 5,000 earthquakes per year. The world’s oldest known recipe is for beer. A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans. There is a law in Kentucky that requires all citizens […]

4 Factors to Consider when House Hunting

What are the key factors to consider when searching for a new home?  The list may be intimidating, but these four things will determine your happiness in a house. Location It’s all about location!  This factor can impact the price of your home and its resale value, not to mention […]