Monthly Archives: February 2013

Success Story: Rural Development/USDA

Congratulations to Diann from Mayville!  Diann bought the perfect home in a great location using the Rural Development/USDA loan program.  We took the time to review her budget and came up with a plan that would allow her to own a home, live comfortably, and pay it off in a timely fashion.  […]

Kris Recommends: Marsibilio's Trattoria Italian Restaurant in Mayville

Today I’d like to share with you one of my very favorite restaurants in Mayville, Marsibilio’s Trattoria Italian restaurant.  This place has everything – amazing food, great atmosphere, Italian music playing in the background!  They even were ranked one of the Top 5 Italian Places to eat at in the greater […]

Why Home Inspections are Essential

Home inspections are crucial in the home buying process because they identify structural and systemic problems in a house that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  In some cases a general inspection may not be enough, in which case a specialist will be able to identify more serious problems […]

6 Ways to Stay Positive During Winter

Endless cold days, slippery iced roads and having to shovel your sidewalk can really change a person’s attitude during the winter season.  You may be left wondering, “Why do I still live here?” or “How many days until summer already!?”  Relax, it will come. In the meantime, find ways to […]

Put Your Home in Good Hands: Review Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy

When you obtain your home loan, a homeowner’s insurance policy is usually required.  However, finding an affordable insurance policy that covers all of your essential property can be difficult.  It is important that you thoroughly review insurance companies before making your decision. Check the Rating One of the most important items to […]

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Is your idea for a Valentine’s Day gift sounding a little boring this year?  When you’re shopping for your sweetheart it’s hard to find Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t a bit cheesy and cliché.   No matter what, you usually end up giving that same box of  chocolates, those same red roses, […]

Success Story: Buying a Home Online

Today I’d like to share a success story that I’m particularly proud of.   I never actually met Jason from Rhode Island in person, but that didn’t stop us from accomplishing his goal of relocating to Madison.  Jason travels a lot for his work, so he needed to feel comfortable working with […]